Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Travels} Africa: Day One

July 10, 2012
We're back in Africa! I didn't journal on the plane but we got to Pemba around one. Dave sent the wrong flight information so when we got there no one was there to get us. Then, he couldn't find his blackberry and that was where he had the numbers. We finally got a hold of our friend, by finding her number on an email, and she took us to the base. 
After an orientation of how things go they showed us around the base then we went to our rooms. Six beds, six girls, ten suitcases, small room? We got this! 
Later that night, Dave, our friends, and I went to dinner. It was so fun! When we got back our team went to listen to Mr. Paul speak with some of the missionaries who live there. Dave had to go to another meeting. 
It's so amazing to finally be back in Africa! I'm not really sure what I'm expecting God to do exactly. He'll do something fantastic anyway!

Our team:
Sam- the crazy one
Jessi- the musical one
Dave- the leader
Breanne- the cheerful go getter
Vinny (the dad)- the observant one
Vinny (the son)- the quiet one
Heather- the organized one
Dan- the cheerful easy-goer
Christine- the optimistic one
Me- the one who cant think of how to describe myself :)

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  1. The gentle one...or wait, the faithful one...friendly one? Too many choices!


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