Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Personalized Shoes

So, I've noticed that recently people have been obsessed with personalized things, from water bottle wrappers to purses. 
I love things that are personalized, it means no one else will have anything like it! 
Something I have personalized is shoes.
There are several ways you can personalize your own shoes but I personally found this way to be really fun. I went to Walmart and got just plain white canvas shoes and puffy paint. That's it! It was about $15 all together.
Now, I don't suggest just going to town with the puffy paint, but if you want to then by all means do. I drew what I wanted with pencil first and then put the puffy paint on them. Remember, make things the way you want them, they don't have to be perfect. I think that the little quirky things are what adds character.
It was really fun to come up with my own design for shoes, here's what they ended up looking like!

If you decide to personalize your own shoes please leave the link in the comments below!

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