Saturday, June 23, 2012

{Book Review} My Stubborn Heart

I just finished reading My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade. It was so good that I read it from 11p.m to 5a.m. the first night I got it. I absolutely fell in love with this book from the moment I started reading it! It was love at first word. 

(yeah, I know the words are backwards, I'm okay with that)

My Stubborn Heart is about a girl Kate, a persistent and loving women, who is trusting God to give her the perfect husband that she's been waiting and praying for. Kate and her Grandmother leave for three months to Redbud to renovate an old family home. The man that her Grandmother hired to help renovate the house is Matt Jarreau, who is VERY handsome. Matt used to be a hockey star but quit when his wife died, and has reverted into a life of keeping to himself in Redbud. He feels as though God betrayed him by letting his wife die, and has decided to let go of this whole God thing. Kate is determined to get through to Matt and show him God's love, grace, and mercy when no one else can. 

This book was very inspiring to me because it shows how important it is to treasure God's voice. So many times we do things because it feels right and because we like it. But what would we do if God told us no? "No, you may not date the man because he is not the one I chose for you." It can be so hard to listen to God when He tells you no, especially when it comes to finding true love. He's always got something better for you when He tells you no. He never says it just to break your heart, or make you cry, or to be angry at Him. He loves you and has the BEST plans for your life. So, reading this book this question came to mind, "What do you treasure more, what God says or what you want?"

Although she is scheduled to have another book out around this time next year, My Stubborn Heart is Becky Wade's only book on the market as of right now. I very much encourage you to read this book and whatever other books Becky Wade will right. Her writing style is one of the best I have ever read. Fantastic! I can't wait to read more!
Read more about the fantastic author Becky Wade here

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