Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Thriftaholics} Upcycled Brick and Wood Bookshelf

So, I'm a book nerd. 
I LOVE to read. 
It seems that every week I'm going to the book store to buy a few new books. Because of this, I was running out of room in my little book crates. 
Solution? A new bookshelf.
But not just any book shelf, No! This girl wanted a custom made, unique bookshelf on a tiny budget. 
But who, oh who, would build it? My Grandaddy!
He suggested a throwback to the 70's bookshelf. Since I'm such a vintage-loving girl I loved that idea.

He simply took three pieces of wood board that was six feet long and seven and a half inches wide (You can use whatever measurements fit the area your using), and 30 bricks laying around his workshop. After painting everything white, he placed one piece of wood on the bottom and stacked three columns of five bricks (one on the right end, one on the left end, and one in the middle. After, he placed another piece of wood on top of those stacks and did the same as before with the bricks. Finally, he placed the last piece of wood on the top. Tada! There's my bookshelf.
I wish I had pictures of the steps but it was kinda a surprise when he did it. Hopefully these will help answer any questions...

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  1. Visiting from the Jillify It party. I love this idea, especially with the white against that wall!

    I'm your newest follower on GFC and Facebook. Please follow me back if you can :)

    Hilary @ www.MeasureOnce-CutTwice.com


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