Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Thriftaholics} Repurposing Vintage Suitcases

A few weeks ago I went thrifting with my family (or treasure hunting, as my younger brothers call it). The first Goodwill we went to I found EXACTLY what I wanted, which doesn't happen that often. You can read about that soon in another post. 

I was set for the day, that is, until we went to the next store, where I found two vintage suitcases. They were adorable, and inexpensive (less than $10 for BOTH), so we went ahead and bought them, having no idea what I was going to use them for yet.  
The next day as I was cleaning my room (which may or may not surprise those that know me) I decided that my CD holder did not match my room at all and I needed a new one. Tada! The idea was born to put my CD's in my new vintage suitcase! As I cleaned off my desk, I decided I was tired of moving my sewing machine every time I wanted to use my desk. So, I put the sewing machine in the larger suitcase. 
I was so proud of my little ideas that I showed them off at a birthday party we had last week. 

Take a look and see why I absolutely love these findings...

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  1. I think I once had a suitcase like this when young
    HMMM...I think that I must be vintage too, lol :)
    Visiting from Family Home and Life

  2. Awesome storage ideas! My mom has luggage almost exactly like this from when she went to college. I really like it.

  3. Thanks for linking with me at Wow Us Wednesday.

  4. Oh my I want those suitcases. So pretty!


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