Sunday, January 6, 2013

{52 Weeks} #1 Mod-Podge Flower Pot Collage #pinchallenge

It's here! The first project of our 52 week Mother, Daughter pinterest challenge


To start the year and our challenge off we decided to make a goal collage. Instead of just putting our collage on a canvas we put it on a flower pot. Something more representative. As the flower grows into something new each day we can be reminded of our goals progressing each day. Makes sense, right?

Who chose the challenge? Me!
Inspired by? This pin from the Goal Poster by Oh So Pretty the Diaries 

What we used-
Terra cotta clay pot
White primer (Any color will do)
Magazines to cut out words and pictures.
Matte Mod-Podge
Acrylic sealer 

1. Find inexpensive terra cotta clay pots
2. Prime the pots the color of your choice
3. Cut out the pieces for your collage (This was my favorite part)
4. Apply your collage pieces with Mod-Podge
   - If you apply the Mod-Podge to the pieces rather than the flower pot it goes on better
5. Cover your final collage product with a layer of Mod-Podge
6. Plant your flowers! 

** Make sure you seal the Mod Podge with some sort of acrylic sealer, or it may get wet and messed up when you water your plant **

I really enjoyed doing this project with my mom. We laughed a lot and I enjoyed seeing what she wanted to do this year. We both had Europe on your flower pots, just saying.
We did have a special guest who joined us. My best friend who was visiting home for Christmas break. We all had a blast!

You can check out my mom's post and thoughts about this project as well over at Just a Little Creativity.

If you do join us in our 52 week Mother, Daughter Pinterest challenge, write #pinchallenge on your post. By hash tagging we can find your project on Instagram and Twitter. Also, if you pin a picture from this challenge write #pinchallenge somewhere in the description so we can find it on Pinterest to.

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