Wednesday, January 2, 2013

52 Weeks Mother, Daughter Pinterest Challenge #pinchallenge

Happy new year everyone! 

This year my mom, who blogs at Just A Little Creativity, and I decided to challenge our creativeness. We are going to do one Pinterest inspired project a week. I choose one, then mom chooses one, then we choose two together. The project can be anything; crafts, hair styles, nail designs, recipes, books to read, etc. What's going to make it interesting (Besides the fact that most Pinterest projects don't turn out the way they look)? We can not say "No." to whatever project we pick. 

Now, I made a comment last night that we shouldn't be allowed to make the other person dye their hair. What did mom say? "Well, we can't say no." With that motherly grin where you can hear the Mufasa laugh. My response? "If I have to dye my hair, your ding yours purple." 

Needless to say, there may be some "payback projects". 

I'm looking forward to having this extra time to spend with my mom. I know our weeks will be full of laughs, and probably a little frustration when we can't figure out how to do something. There may also be special crafty guests such as my brothers, my grandmother, and some friends of ours. We can't wait to begin!

If you want to join us you certainly can! It doesn't necessarily have to be a Mother and Daughter group, it can be sisters, brothers, friends, or just yourself! 

We made this special button for this challenge. If you participate please feel free to place this button on your blog and you can even share the link to your projects in the comments below.

When posting, be sure to use the special hashtag #pinchallenge so we can easily find everyones projects! 

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