Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Friends Till the End

 So this summer I got the chance to make a "new" best friend. We have actually known each other for like 9 years and have always been good friends. However, this past summer we became ultimate friends.
We have craft sleepovers almost at least once a week, we tell each other everything, and we always have fun. We can be honest and true, no matter how hard it is. If we disagree on something we can talk it out and figure it out. We both love Disney but during the summer she turned me into a Disney fanatic, just like her. Yet were 4 years apart.
This Saturday she goes off to an internship for 10 MONTHS! Yeah, and we missed each other when I went to Africa for two weeks. I'm so proud of her though, she's walking in the destiny God has for her. I'm definitely going to miss her but I'm thankful for having her as my closest friend over the summer, and that's not going to change. She'll still be gone but nothing is going to change about our relationship, we will still be just as close when she comes back.  I can't wait to hear about all od has done for her through the internship! I'm so happy :)

This is us this past summer. This is actually where she id doing her internship.
And this is old school. A few years back.

 I'm sure she will keep us updated on her blog, Beautiful Blended Victoria. :)

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