Thursday, August 9, 2012

{Spark} Something New

spark 1 noun- anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst.

Hey guys I have some fun news! Starting next month SPARK is going to become a  monthly linky party! My mommy over at Just a Little Creativity, my best friend over at Beautifully Blended Victoria, and I are joining together to make SPARK a linky party. Each month there will be a theme or subject and you can link up all throughout the month with posts based on that theme. A calender of the months and their themes should be up soon.

In honor of this new linky party that's going to take place, this weeks Spark is 'Something New'. This one will be harder but i'm gonna attempt it!

Here's the first thing that came to mind. A new baby!

 You see this and you know your getting something new!

 Proof that something is new.

Okay honestly I'm running out of ideas. So, here's some things that are new to me personally...

Driving, finally!

My laptop...

My skates...

My mirror! You can read about this here.

 and My blog! Still learning this one :)

What's your favorite new thing to you? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Id have to say my purses =] I get a new one every few addicted LOL

  2. I would say pocketbooks. I love collecting them!

  3. A new thing to me is my house. We moved into it last February, so while it has been six months, it still very much has that new feeling, especially because it is so exciting to finally have our own house!

  4. New shoes, you know they're my weakness :)

  5. New hair style - I cut my hair short a month ago! I am loving it!


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