Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Thriftaholics} Soda Bottle Painting

So, I didn't really get this at a thrift store, or a yard sale. However, I did get the wood for free from my Grandaddy's, and grabbed an empty two liter from the kitchen when it was gone, so it is technically still a thrift find. Right? Just had to clear this up before we get started :)

I found my inspiration for this on Pinterest, and I decided to give it my own spin. 
It looks easy right? 
It's only three steps!

Two liter soda bottle
Scrap wood (you could use a canvas)
Acrylic paints in your color choice

1. Pour Paint on the Plate (Ha! It rhymes!)
You simply take a plate (preferably styrofoam so it doesn't soak through) and pour the color paint you want on it.

2. Paint the Tree
Using your color choice for the tree trunk, paint a line or whatever shape you want, onto your wood. Then, paint the same type of lines but smaller in length coming off the main trunk for your branches.

Here are the THREE ways to do your flowers. Please read all before actually starting on one :)

1. Flower with a Center

Cover the WHOLE bottom of your soda bottle with paint. When you press the bottle onto your wood, make sure you pick it up quickly in order for you to just get the petals and center.
*I haven't done this one yet so I really have no tips for it. As soon as I do this type I will add my tips :)

  2. Polka Dot Flower
In this step, the bottom of the bottle will be your paint brush. So, take the bottom of your bottle and gently put it into the paint on your plate. Put it in just enough that the "petals" get wet with paint. You don't want the of the bottle middle to have paint on it.
After getting the paint on the bottle place the bottom of the bottle on the ends of your branches. If you want you can place a couple close to the branches but not necessarily on them. 

3. Flower Without a Center (This is the one I used)
To make these types of flowers you have to make the dotted flowers first. So, go ahead and follow the instructions for Polka Dot Flowers then continue onto this next step...
In order to make the dots into tear drop shaped flower petals you actually make a "party hat" first. Picture the dot as the face. You want to put a triangle party hat on the face pointing towards the middle of your flower. Once you have the hat you simply fill in the triangle and blend it in with the circle (This way people can't tell that its just a triangle and circle). The ultimate look of the flower is to get all the petals pointing towards the middle, not necessarily touching in the middle unless you want them to.

 3. Admire Your Work
You just made a beautiful piece of art in about five minutes! Be proud of yourself :)

As you can tell, I added a few extra things to mine with paint pens after the paint dried.
I wanted mine to be a little whimsical.
Feel free to do whatever you wish to yours. After all, it is your masterpiece!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you have any questions about it, or if you just want me to admire your work with you, feel free to email me at arahblog@yahoo.com!   


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