Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Spark} Summer Memories

 "Danny... Is this the end?"
"Of course not; it's only the beginning."

spark 1 noun- anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst.

 This is one of the last weeks of summer. I know, very sad. So, in order to remember summer 2012 I put together a collection of summer memories. I hope you enjoy!

 My birthday!

 The 220 conference 

 New Orleans (Keep them in your prayers 
cause of hurricane Isaac)

 4th of July

 Missions trip to Africa


 Trip to Nashville to see my uncle and his 
family for his daughters 1st birthday

 The weather. Either rainy or burning
up hot

Nights at the race track with Dad

 Sleepovers with amazing friends

Much more has happened this summer that was amazing. These are just a few things.
I hope you enjoyed your summer!
What was your favorite part?

Just a reminder about SPARK. Starting next week it is going to become a monthly linky party. Yay! Please join us in the fun. Septembers theme is "It's Fall Y'all!" . You can read more about what SPARK is here.

Hope so hear back!


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  1. amazing pictures! looks like you had a great summer!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing summer! Your kids will remember this summer for a long time, I'm sure!!

  3. Great pictures and what memories you have made with those kids this summer,cherished memories ! Summer here was pretty uneventful but still fun just being together.

  4. What fun! I'm posting my "summer in photos" post tomorrow.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I wish I was able to make that many memories!


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