Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Thriftaholics} Vintage Mirror and Some Teenage Advice

This past week my family and I went to Nashville to visit some of our family for their new baby girl's 1st birthday. As always, we took our trip to Goodwill. Sadly we didn't get to go to Goodwill by the pound this time.

My mom and I walked into the store in search of something to repurpose or remake. There actually wasn't anything that interesting. She found some wooden placks that I look forward to watching her repurpose. Other than those we didn't see anything that would be fun. That is until I saw this beautiful, old mirror.
There it was, sitting right there on the top of the racks. In plain view for anyone! So, I did what we all do when we find something amazing. I ran walked over to the mirror, placed my hand on it to stake claim, and whispered for my mom to look at the treasure I found. 
I was so thrilled! Then she said something that almost threw me off track. She said the dreaded words no teen wants to hear, "Well, you have your own money, don't you?" 
Here's a tip for all the teenagers out there: When you have money, and you go shopping with your mom, don't tell her you have money. Why? Cause then, even though she would've bought it for you if you didn't have money, she will make you pay.
So, it was then that I looked at the price. Only 8 dollars! I could do that! My thrill was back. I placed the mirror in the buggy and continued on straight to the cashier. I paid with my money and the mirror was mine.

Heres some pictures of my beautiful treasure.... 

The glorious price

  Look! You flip it over and it magnifies!

Any idea on how old it is? I'd really like to know!
I hope you enjoyed a snapshot of my little Goodwill adventure. If your ever in Nashville make sure you go to Goodwill by the pound, it's like heaven for us thriftaholics!

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  1. I love our local Goodwill. I don't make it there often enough. Thanks for sharing your find. Very nice!

  2. That is a gorgeous mirror. I have no idea how old it is, but it's beautiful and I would have ran to it and staked my claim as quick as I could as well. I would go shopping with my grandmother and aunt most of the time when I was a teenager. My aunt has always been a lot of fun shopping with, but my grandmother has an appreciation for antiques and other people's old junk like I do, and I was never told to use my own money. Probably because my dad would never let me get a job because he said I just had to make good grades in school. Of course whenever I asked him for money (mostly for books because I was/am a huge bookworm) he made a fuss about it. But that's the trade-off! Even at 25, my grandmother and aunt will pay for stuff for me when I go shopping with them, which is always a nice treat.

  3. What a beautiful mirror. I love it. Your newest follower from the CHQ blog hop. :)

  4. Great mirror! Love the base! Thanks for linking up to the CHQ blog hop! Happy to be following! Hope to see you back next week!

  5. How fun! I love to frequent Goodwill... Salvation Army & Volunteers of America, too! There are so many wonderful finds, if you just take the time to look :) Thanks for sharing... your mirror is gorgeous. I too, do not know how old it is :/
    Link'N Blog... Bloggy Love!
    Dawn @ With a Side of Thriftiness!

  6. Wow! Gorgeous! I haven't been to Salvation Army in a long time! I'll have to go.

    Thanks for linking up with Link'n Blogs! Hope to see you again next week!


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